316 S. McLin Creek Rd.
Conover NC, 28613

Telephone: 828-994-4488

It is sometimes quicker to reach us via email.

Services include but are not limited to the following:

Custom EFI calibrations for most Ford, GM
and Dodge applications 96 and newer

Custom EFI calibrations for many stand alone fuel
systems as well.  

Fleet calibrations for fuel mileage and
durability available.

Call or email for more details about your
specific application.
Tru Dyno Sports, LLC is a custom fuel injection
calibration facility in Conover, NC.  

We have a Mustang 1100SE Chassis Dyno with
Eddy Current.  With this powerful tool we can
calibrate base fuel, base ignition tables, and much
more in "Steady State".  With over 2000 WHP and
225mph measurement capabilities there isn't much
we can't do!  
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Established January 2005